IT Technical Marketing Messaging and Video Content Production

Enhanced Information Technology

Messaging and Content

…are the two most important aspects of your marketing.

You need someone who can provide the refined messaging to turbocharge your marketing.
You need someone to help you create cost-effective and powerful video content to fuel your marketing.
Both your messaging and video content needs to targeted to your customers and prospects.

Enter Enhanced Information Technology
We understand the technology you are selling…..We understand your customers and your target prospect…..We understand the need for you to communicate your technical knowledge and expertise to your customers…..We understand video content creation for marketing ….. We understand social marketing…..We understand social selling.
We will translate our understanding into your marketing success!!
EIT will work with your marketing team and collateral experts to ensure the messaging you include in your campaigns is technically coherent, complete and designed to appeal to both your prospect’s technical decision maker, as well as the financially motivated executive.

We will work with your team to create video content that conveys your value proposition to your customers and prospects.

We will work with you to establish your companies social media expertise.  In addition, we will work with your sales and marketing teams on the latest social business selling techniques.

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