Video Content Marketing

Why Market with Video Content

There is no limit to the types of video content you can use for marketing.  While huge beautiful and lavish productions are great, a larger number of very specifically targeted videos can have a greater overall impactact with your prospects and customers.

The important thing is to jump onto the video content marketing bandwagon.

There are many types of video content you can use for marketing.  Each type has its strengths. Here is a description of the most popular types.

  • Corporate Videos – Corporate videos come in many forms and they each do a great job of enhancing company branding. The most common use is to introduce your company and describe your value proposition. These videos can use real people in your organization, a spokesman, or even a client. The purpose of these videos is to share your solutions, culture, processes, facilities or anything that will convince your audience.
  • Video Blogging – Used to convey important information to your audience including your thoughts on important industry trends. Producing regular engaging content can be done in a couple of hours each quarter.
  • Explainer Videos – These videos are used to help sell a product or provide tools for training to help onboard a new customer. The enhance your company’s value to your audience by demonstrating your expertise.
  • Animated Infographics – Want to explain your process or unique aspects of your organization, animated infographics can turn data and complex topics into easily comprehensible subjects.

With the combination of video, green screen, animation, mobile devices and the web there is no limit to the possibilities of what can be done with video content marketing.